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Basic Hacking Tutorial - DOS, Port Scanner

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March 15, 2015, 03:32:57 PM
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                                                                      DDOS AND RDOS[/size]
To start off I am not responsible for what you do with these tools and before reading anymore please note that DOS attacks and port scanning is illegal and I'm not guaranteeing that you won't get caught.Sad

Ok so let's get right in Oui So what is a DOS? Well it stands for Denial of Service and basically means that whatever website you DOS it will crash but please note!: You probably can't DOS a website and crash it yourself you'll need more than one computer...

So to start off you need to find out the IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) of the website you're going to DOS. You can easily do this by clicking Start > Run > Cmd or for quickness you can hold in the Start button and press the R key then type cmd, this will then bring up command prompt. Then type in command prompt the following:

(replace x's with the website url)

It will then say pinging xx.com with statistics them something else lol Blush it will then say next to statistics a series of numbers like this but different ones not in order Cool

The series of numbers you get is the IP Address, now how to use it?

Download the port scanner at the bottom of this thread and then open it up, it should be called - Port Scanner v1.03 by t3c4ie once you open it up it will say [Input] IP - this is where you right in the IP that you found out in command prompt. After writing in the IP press enter then it should say:

1 - Range Scanning
2 - Full Scanning <0-65535>

We will be using Range Scanning because Full Scanning will scan port 0 all the way up to port 65535 lol

Most sites that aren't 'high up' like government websites or Google etc have a port of 80 but we will scan to be sure so type 1 to do a Range Scan and then press enter. It well then say Confirmation and the next bit of text is self explanatory Y to confirm N to go back and X to exit. Press Y and then enter. It will then say Enter Lowest Port <0> - You can choose 0 but I usually choose around 79 then press enter. Then it will say Enter Highest Port <65535> - I usually choose 81 to first check if the port is 80 then press enter and Y to confirm. It will then read the ports and next to the ports that aren't vulnerable it will show a red X if it's vulnerable it will say Vulnerable in green, but if the port isn't 80 it's best to do a Full Range Scan.

Now that you have the port you can close the Port Scanner but remeber the vulnerable port. Now open the DOS tool called - rDOS (link will also be at the bottom of this thread.) Once in the tool it will say: Enter victim to DDOS <IP> : this is where you enter the IP of the website you want to DOS. A DDOS is a Distributed Denial of Service attack which you can run rDOS on several computers. But I will link several DOS programs you can all run at once.

After you have entered the IP and pressed enter it will then say Enter port to DDOS, this is where you enter the vulnerable port you found out from the Port Scanner. After pressing enter the rest is self explanatory just read it. It will start to overload the website but use the other programs, one of them is TeVDos you just enter the IP then port and away you go Superman the last program that you can download at the bottom of the thread is ProDos v1.0 which again you just enter the IP then the port Thumbsup

Extract all files using Winrar or something lol

Link to Port Scanner -

Link to rDOS -

Link to TeV DoS -

Link to ProDos v1.0 -

                                            :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep: :rep:

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June 06, 2015, 01:19:31 PM
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Yrrr bro iska result kya yoga smjh ni aaya plz help me

June 13, 2015, 08:03:57 AM
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